Do you want to restore your cherished memories without spending a single penny by a free AI tool? Remini Mod APK is here with very user-friendly interface to help you to recover your old and blurred images and videos. It has garbed the attention of millions of beginners and advanced photographers across the world with its powerful AI integration. It has made the photo and video enhancing work easier, more efficient, and less time-consuming without any human effort. Isn’t it a plus? Indeed, it’s wonderful in the photography world.

  • Name
  • Remini Mod APK
  • Size
  • 16 MB
  • Version
  • v3.7.314.202248013
  • Category
  • Photo Editing
  • Price
  • Free
  • Requirement
  • Android 6.0+
  • Downloads
  • 100M +
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Google Play

“Before Installation of this app Please “Allowing App installs from Unknown Sources” from your Mobile Settings”

As we know, in this digital era everyone wants to have an assistant for helping him in photography field to reduce his efforts and to boost revenue. Suppose you’re a professional photo editor and looking for AI-powered assistance to help you to restore old and outdated images with a click, then I want to give you a right suggestion about AI powered assistance.

Yeah! I’m talking about Remini APK, a perfect and efficient tool to restore old, blurred, pixelated, and broken images taken from outdated cameras. Are you confused and want to learn more about this amazing AI retouching tool? Stay with us because this blog provides an ultimate guide about the Remini app, its usage, and much more. Let’s read on!

What Is Remini – AI Enhancer? An Overview

Remini APK is a completely AI-powered mobile application to retouch or restore old, scratched, black and white images within a click. It’s a magical app that understands the original image with the help of different notes and starts retouching the imported photo. Remember that it doesn’t retouch the old image but reproduces it in high resolution; that seems to be impossible.

Do you know why editors love Remini? The reason is that it has reduced human effort and can do amazing work within seconds automatically. Another primary advantage is its simple interface and understandable options.

Everyone can get familiar with the options, tools, and functions, regardless of age. In short, you can restore an image with Remini AI whether you’re a child, adult, teenager, or an old one. No more age restrictions; get it now on your phone and be the image-restoring master.

Something Special About this App

Remini APK is a pure artificial intelligence-based application that can turn your old image into a high-quality image. Surprisingly, you’ll be amazed by the result because of perfect color correction and superior image quality. Do you want to know more details? It’s developed by the famous developers “Bending Spoons”. Don’t forget that they’ve already developed amazing apps in the past, such as Splice, 30 Day Fitness, and Sleep. We hope that’s enough to show off their work and development magic.

Moreover, the app got a lot of praise in terms of millions of downloads. Amazingly, the app still has millions of active users; that’s enough to know the app’s popularity worldwide. According to the feedback from the users, people like it due to quick work and ease of use. Similarly, the app has a positive rating of 4.0; that’s great.

In addition, the app has no restrictions of age and skill, as anyone who wants to retouch old photos can use it for free. Nothing is perfect in this world, so Remini got a 4.0 rating on the Google Play Store. Let’s discuss some downsides of it.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best AI-powered apps, but it contains ads. Ads might disturb your attention while editing and retouching your favorite photo. Likewise, a user doesn’t get customization options in the free version. What is the solution?

The app brings both free and premium subscriptions for users to enjoy basic and advanced-level photo retouching. If you don’t want to buy the premium subscription, you can go with in-app purchases (what you need while editing). Undoubtedly, it’s burdening for your pockets, but you’ve to pay for it. Moreover, you can also use Remini MOD free of cost that’s explained in this article.

The app offers direct sharing of images to social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Do you want to export the retouched image? Export it to your phone’s local storage in different resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080p, and 2K) and formats (JPG, PNG, etc.). Overall, the pro version gives the user many features and functions to give another professional touch to the AI-enhanced images/videos.

What Is Remini Pro APK For Android?

Remini Pro APK is actually the Premium version of Remini that can be used after paid subscription, if you want pro-level tools from the AI editor. It offers advanced-level editing and retouching . Still trying to understand? Let us explain the benefits of Remini Pro. When you edit through the free version, you only need to click the Enhance button, and the tool will restore the image/video automatically and it doesn’t give further options to adjust brightness, sharpness, etc.

On the other hand the premium version allows you to edit and retouch the photo according to your requirements. You can adjust the brightness, enhance colors, edit blur amount, and can focus wherever you want with Remini Pro.

How Does Remini Work ?

Do you want to know what we can expect from Remini MOD APK? Recall that the app converts your old (outdated), pixelated, damaged, scratched, and blurred images into high-definition images taken from old and outdated cameras. However, we’ve listed the primary tasks that a user can expect from this app in the following:

  • It can convert any photo, i.e. a selfie, group photo, or portrait into an incredibly high-resolution image.
  • It can repair old, blurry, and scratched images amazingly.
  • Excellently clear vintage photos taken from outdated cameras.
  • Unblur and sharpen the out-of-focus videos.
  • Boost the pixels of the low-quality photos from your mobile phone.
  • Retouch the broken photos with amazing AI magic tools.
  • It offers the best way to transform blurred images into high-definition photos.
  • Focus on the out-of-focus picture from your school’s group photo in one tap.
  • It can process any photo or video by reading the overall nodes of picture and by detecting the original photo//video and finally ends in the reproduction of an amazing image.

How To Use Remini MOD APK as an AI Enhancer?

Are you ready to get it into your phone but don’t know how to use it for restoring images? Here, we’ve explained the step-by-step procedure to use it effectively whether you’re an expert or a beginner at editing. Remember, it’s easier than using heavy photo and video editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Premier.

  • First, download and install the Remini APK from our provided link. (Read the installation procedure further explained in the article.)
  • Launch the application, and next you’ll see the home screen of Remini.
  • Find out the “Enhance” option and click on it.
  • Here, the app will ask you to choose the images/videos. Browse the file and click Import. Remember that you can import single or multiple images to the Remini AI tool, you want to enhance.
  • The app will take a bit of loading while importing images.
  • After that, click the “Enhance” button, and the AI-powered algorithm will start working on photo restoration.
  • In the end, the app will show the images before and after retouching, separated by a dotted line.
  • Congrats! You’ve enhanced an image with an AI-powered editing tool. We assure you that you’ll be amazed after checking the editing quality.


The main reason for popularity of Remini is its amazing features that’re suitable for both beginners as well as advanced users. If you’re using this app for the first time, learning more about its characteristics is crucial to use it more effectively. We’ve listed the most prominent and useful features of the Remini app for Android in the following:

Image Retouching

It allows the retouching of old and blurred images. Retouching means the AI will restore the old image into a high-resolution image. Further, you can use the retouching option to customize the brightness, white balance, color, sharpness, noise, and more. Simply, it converts the old image into a high-resolution picture and also offers excellent retouching.

Photo Enhancement & Restoration

First, import any old, Black&White, blurred, and scratched image to the Remini AI App, and it’ll convert it into high resolution. After restoration, it can enhance the photo by using AI powered amazing tools. It allows users to sharpen more details, remove noise, and craft a stunning piece according to their needs and requirements.

Stunning Effects and Sketching Tools

You can convert your old images into a painting or a sketch after restoration. All is easy by clicking on the painting effect or sketch tool from the AI enhancer options. It’ll convert the image into a painting-like style or a hand-made sketch for an amazing artistic look. It has further small tools such as Face Animator, Draw Me, Manga Bleach, Blink tool, Oil Painting, Enhance Plus, Paint Filter tool, Remini video, and portrait editing.

Face animator helps to convert your old photo into a wonderful animated photo. Draw Me is another yet amazing option to enhance a photo with the help of lines drawn around the image area. It’s used to clear and enhance certain parts of the photo. Similarly, Manga bleach helps to craft a wonderful picture and to eliminate all the unwanted elements in the image.

Moreover, the blink tool opens the closed eyes in the previously taken image by adjusting the angle, eye size, and position. Oil painting converts the image into high-resolution painting and further enhances the features.

Editing History

Sometimes, you get disconnected from the internet connection and lose your editing. It really hurts. Don’t worry! Remini AI app has an amazing history feature where you can start editing from where you left. It’s also helpful when you want to edit a certain step without following the steps again. For example, if you want to edit the image to the 4th step but are now at the 1st step. Go to editing history and click the 4th step to export that editing without more effort.

Simple Interface

In today’s era, an app receives praise from users if it’s easy to use, and Remini APK brings more than this for the users. It’s straightforward to use for beginners who know a little English. All the important functions are showcased on the home screen so users can find them without hassle. Moreover, users can even take photos from the app and that’s a plus point because switching between the camera and the app saves time.

Powerful AI Integration

The app is totally based on AI integration with powerful algorithms. The AI’s assistance does the primary task, and further, you can make adjustments such as brightness, blur level, sharpness, noise, and so on. In our opinion, it’s one of the best AI apps to restore old images in a single tap. Moreover, it supports several formats for images and videos.

Speedy Edits

Say goodbye to Photoshop or tools where you spend hours for restoring and enhancing an image. The Remini AI app can do it within a few seconds without human effort. It uses the latest AI technology to deliver quick results to users and to reduce time and effort. The powerful adjustment analysis algorithm works like a breeze at the backend and restores old images precisely.

Effortless and Time-saving App

Instead to take you through lengthy editing procedures, it’ll convert a low-pixel image into a high-definition image in a single click. It reduces the overall human effort and saves a lot of your precious time. So, leave all the heavy lifting on Remini and focus on other important things, as Remini will give you an amazing high-definition image.

More Advanced Tools

The free version consists of the basic conversion, but it brings advanced features, too. If you’re a premium user, it allows you to edit the restored images further with advanced tools. The advanced tools improve the images by doing blur control, sharpness adjustment, noise cancellation, and by increasing brightness level.

Video Enhancer

Are you a YouTuber or a Social Media influencer but don’t have the budget to hire an expensive video editor? No worries! Remini video enhancer feature allows you to increase the video quality, adjust the pixels, change the ratio, increase the video size to 40% (2x), and many other amazing features. Yes, it’s helpful and provides flexible video editing to the users.

Storage & Battery Consumption

Remini app is developed with an optimized and clean code so that it’s not heavy for the smartphone. It’ll not take loading on your Android phone as its total size is only a few MBs. Further, it takes a little local storage and consumes less battery. It’s a highly optimized app compared to other AI photo enhancer on the Google Play Store. So, download the Remini MOD APK without storage and battery issues.

Unlimited Creativity

Last but not least, the app offers unlimited creativity with the help of AI and manual work. You’re good to go if you’re okay with the AI’s editing. Otherwise, Remini Pro APK offers all-in-all advanced tools to take your editing to the next level. So, get it now and use your creativity without limits by combining humans and AI on one platform.

MOD Features

If you get Remini MOD APK from the Google Play Store, it gives limited features to the users, and an experienced editor can’t make further edits. Therefore, you’ve to pay for the Remini Pro to get a premium subscription and advanced editing tools. What if you don’t want to spend money? Thanks to the developers for bringing this apk to provide all the premium features free of cost. So, you’ll get the following features with a modified version of this app for Android.

Premium Unlocked

Remini MOD already has a premium subscription and all the features the app provides to the pro customers. It’s open source; everyone can use advanced features to edit old images and videos for free. No more spending money on the tools; you can get it from our website for free.

No Ads

The free version shows annoying ads, disturbing your editing work. However, the MOD version blocks all the ads in the background and keeps you editing photos/videos without interruption.

No In-app Purchases

The MOD app will not show you in-app purchases as it already contains all the premium tools, skins, functions, and everything a pro editor needs. Get everything without spending your hard-earned money.

Cloud Storage

Don’t worry if your phone has low storage because the Remini MOD app brings cloud storage for the users. This way, the app keeps the editing on the cloud, and you can also save the videos and images on the cloud. Moreover, it’s helpful because you can access your editing anytime, anywhere, by logging in to your Remini’s cloud storage. However, cloud storage is limited, so you have to use it wisely.

Everything Unlocked & Free

Ultimately, the Remini MOD mobile app brings everything free, unlimited, and unlocked for the users. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner downloading it the first time/second time, as it’s free for everyone. There is no usage limit and nothing; get it now by following the explained downloaded procedure further in this article and enjoy the AI-powered image enhancer tool.

Unlimited Pro-cards

Pro-cards are actually the credits that are used to unlock different filters in app. When users enhance the quality of an image they use a pro-card, similarly when they make an AI Avatar or draw a sketch they use credit in the form of pro-card. In premium version of Remini, users need to purchase credit but in the modified version we can use all filters free of cost.

Download and Install Remini MOD APK For Android

It’s easier to get it now on your smartphone by following the simple steps below. Follow each step and download the app from our provided link as we tested it before publishing it for the public. It’s crucial for your phone’s security.

  • Step 1: First, uninstall Remini APK (from Google Play Store or third-party) if you’ve it on your phone.
  • Step 2: Click the download button to get the latest version of the Remini MOD Android APK on your phone.
  • Step 3: Go to the phone’s Download folder and click the Downloaded MOD app.
  • Step 4: Click the “Install” button, then a pop-up will appear regarding security permission.
  • Step 5: Click “Allows Unknown Sources” to give all security permissions.
  • Step 6: Again Click “Install” and wait.
  • Step 7: After installation, your phone’s home screen will open automatically.
  • Step 8: Congratulations! Remini MOD APK for Android has been installed successfully. Click to launch it and start restoring images right now.

Review About Remini MOD APK

Are you curious to know what people say about Remini MOD APK? We’ve received feedback from hundreds of Remini app users, who have given positive reviews. Users are happy with the built-in selfie camera, simple interface, and all the important options on the main screen. The export and direct sharing options excite the users more.

Personally, I’m also addicted to this app for restoring old images, increasing image quality, and advanced editing tools. In short, it’s one of the best, easy to use, and perfect apps to stand first over expensive software.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remini MOD APK


  • Most popular and effective AI enhancement app.
  • Free and premium version to enjoy basic and advanced tools.
  • Exceptional high-definition results, regardless of the old image/video.
  • It keeps your data secure and isn’t heavy on your phone.
  • Support multiple languages.


  • Annoying ads in the free version.
  • You’ve to pay money to use premium features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, it’s open-source and free to use for everyone. Don’t spend money on buying a premium version; download it from our website and enjoy advanced features.

If you get it from a trusted website (like our blog), it’s safe as we’ve tested it on different Android and IOS phones to know its reliability and security. So, it’s 100% safe to use and doesn’t spy on your phone.

It’s difficult to answer because it might happen for several reasons. First, update your phone’s software and install it by following the mentioned steps. Similarly, it’s always good to download the Remini MOD app from trusted sources such as our blog.

No, Remini MOD is developed with clean code for the best compatibility and optimization. It requires little storage on your phone and isn’t heavy on it.

Remember that Remini modified APK is unavailable on the Google Play Store due to security policies. However, you can always get the latest version from our blog. Keep visiting our blog after some time to get the latest version.

Wrapping Up

I highly recommend to install the Remini MOD APK on your smartphone to restore old images with powerful AI integration. Don’t download it from any website you don’t know; only get it from our trusted website. Unlocked the AI’s power and got everything free and customized features with the Remini modded app. Try to read this full guide to know everything about using this app. Get it now, and don’t forget to share your feedback with us. Enjoy!