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Bending Spoons

Do you want to know the owner of the most famous digital products like Remini-AI Photo Enhancer, Splice-Video Editor, 30 Day Fitness, Filmic Pro, and Sleep about those people are really passionate. After reading this article, you’ll get valuable knowledge about the creators behind these incredible tools that have changed the way we edit photos, videos, stay fit, shoot films, and even sleep better!

Yes, your guess is right I’m talking about Bending Spoons that has become one of the top search keywords on the internet. Actuality, Bending Spoons is an IT development company that has been working privately for a decade. Its headquarter is based in Italy and started under five founders. It has launched several products, including Remini APK, for AI image and video enhancement.

Undoubtedly, users in worldwide always praise their launches due to their features, functions, and integration of the latest technology. Do you want to get Bending Spoon Information to clear your thoughts about it? Stay with us as this blog will address all the details of Bending Spoons, its developments, and a short description of famous developed apps. So, let’s read on!

A Brief History of Bending Spoons

Bending Spoons is an Italian Private firm, founded ten years ago in Denmark, but nowadays its headquarters is in Milan (Italy) and it’s for mobile development, such as smartphone apps. Amazingly, it was founded by five businessmen, still working together and making it a leading IT company worldwide. After successful business, they now own subsidies of Evernote.

Moreover, it won several awards, including Best Workplaces in Europe, Best Workspaces in Italy, Best Workspace for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Italy, and Best Workspace for Innovation in Italy. All these awards in the last 4 years show Bending Spoon as a successful business over worldwide with happy employees and users.

The Name and Other Notable Activities

In 2019, Forbes interviewed the Bending Spoons CEO and co-founder Luca Ferrari. They said, the name of Company is derived from a famous movie, “The Matrix.” They’re impressed by the theme, ideas, and other important things, such as unbelievable notions. They knew about the power of the mind and bending spoons meant to mold the ideas to achieve success in this world. After that, they choose this name to achieve their big goals, challenge ideas, and to make their dreams come true.

Moreover, they’ve developed a separate development library on GitHub to help newbie developers in 2020. Thousands of students participate and learn about the latest libraries and development. They’ve launched the Katana framework and got over 2000 stars on GitHub. Nowadays, they also arrange boot camps for national and international students to make people successful along with their success.

Founders of Bending Spoons Company

Recall that the company was started by five people back in 2013, namely:

Products of Bending Spoons

They’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, but a few are highly successful; that’s why it’s now considered a leading IT company. The most prominent Bending Spoons products are:

  • Remini – AI Enhancer
  • Splice
  • Evernote
  • 30 Day Fitness

Remini – A Product By Bending Spoons

Remini APK is one of the best photo enhancer, having powerful AI integration. Say goodbye to the old and blurred images, as Remini will take all the heavy lifting. Download Remini for free from our blog, import an old picture taken from an outdated camera, and click enhance then you’ll be surprised by the results.

The integrated AI algorithm is efficient and amazingly trained to analyze the Black and white image, create imaginary nodes, and to understand the original image features. After that, it reproduces the image with accuracy and preciseness in high resolution. Feedback from several customers said that it’s really difficult to understand whether the images are taken from a High-resolution expensive camera or enhanced with the Remini app.

Remini – A Product By Bending Spoons

It offers Free and Paid versions for advanced editing. The Free version doesn’t allow the users to make AI avatars, but the AI algorithms do all functions properly. On the other hand, the Remini Pro version allows users to make further edits, including brightness adjustment, sharpness management, colors, focus, and more.

Furthermore, the app consists of thousands of stickers, text fonts, emojis, and a filter library. They help users to craft stunning videos and images from old data within a few seconds. In our experience, it’s an amazing app for beginners and experienced photo editors to give an AI touch to old videos/images. The primary tasks of this app include image restoration, AI retouching, and image enhancement.


People like the Remini app for its exciting features listed below:

  • Convert your pixelated, damaged, scratched, and low-quality images into high-definition photos.
  • Edit low-quality videos into high-resolution videos.
  • Create stunning AI Avatars.
  • Restore all kinds of outdated videos and photos with AI retouching.
  • Take a selfie from the app and edit it like a portrait with an AI algorithm.
  • Hundreds of filters and effects.
  • Increase the number of pixels of the photos.
  • Share directly to the social media apps and much more.

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Bending Spoons, a leading IT company, developed this all-in-one AI photo restoration app. It takes old photos from outdated cameras, increases the pixels, and gives you a high-resolution image in one tap.

Undoubtedly, it’s a leading IT company based in Italy. It’s the winner of several awards since 2019 and is still working hard to serve users and bring innovation to the development industry.

No, it’s a privately held company, and its headquarters is in Italy. It has five co-founders who strive hard to bring innovation to mobile development from programming. They also serve students by arranging boot camps and providing useful stuff on GitHub.

The meaning is to deform or change the shape of the Spoon. In actuality, they took the concept to bring innovation to their ideas to get more success in the world. They use the power of the mind, mold ideas, and bring innovation to the development industry.

Final Words

Bending Spoons is a leading IT company worldwide due to its amazing developments, such as the Remini app. It has served thousands of businesses and is still focusing on its mission. They help students to bring more innovation to the development industry. They’re also praised on GitHub after uploading the helpful libraries. Remini APK is our favorite of all their developed apps due to its exciting features and overall AI integration.

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