Download Remini-Photo Enhancer V2.9.85 For IOS (iPhone & iPad)

Download Remini For IOS

Are you using iPhone and still looking for the best AI apps to further enhance the quality of your photos and videos? Don’t worry! Our team is here to guide you to enhance your old and blurred photos and videos on different platforms. Our team highly recommends Remini, as it’s everyone’s most favorite AI image enhancer and editor due to its wonderful and easy-to-use features.

It’s one of the best AI image generators? It was first launched for the Android platforms because people mostly use Android smartphones. What if you like the fastest operating system, for example, IOS phones? Don’t worry! Remini For IOS is available for iPhone or iPad for stunning image and video enhancing with the most powerful AI algorithm. You can easily repair photos, enhance the image quality, and can turn your old photos into high-resolution images in one click.

Latest Information of Remini for iOS
App Name Remini
Developer Bending Spoons
Latest Version  v3.7.163
Size 17 MB
Genre Photograph
AvailablePhone, iPad, Mac
Price Free
Get It On Apps Store – Apple

About Remini Photo Enhancer For IOS

Remini is a free app to retouch, restore, and enhance blurred images. It’s now available for IOS phones to enhance your workflow. The IOS compatibility increases the overall editing speed to bring better AI editing results.

What you’ve to do is open the app, upload the photo or video, and click enhance. The intelligent AI algorithm works and reproduces the image in high quality, analyzing certain nodes on the image.

Do you want professional-level editing after retouching from the AI model? The paid version of Remini for iOS provides the opportunity to make advanced edits. Here, you can adjust the brightness, saturation, noise cancellation, sharpness, and other image features. In short, the app allows you to edit a photo perfectly like a professional, more quickly and easily than ever. Yeah! That’s the power of AI image editors and enhancers like Remini.

Key Features

Recall that the Remini IOS version provides more ease, quality, and performance in editing. Therefore, look at its prominent features below:

Increase the Quality of The Images

It efficiently increases the quality of broken, scratched, and low-pixel images. The AI algorithm understands the images and reproduces them in high resolution, like expensive cameras and expensive software. Impressively, it’s hard to differentiate whether you’ve enhanced the image by Remini free version or by an expensive software.

Increase the Quality of The Images

Remove Blur & Noise

What if you’re at a birthday party and take a group photo, but your face is unfocused? Thanks to Remini for IOS to convert the photo into high-resolution with a focused face. You can also give a personalized touch to the photo by removing the noise according to your requirements. The app provides you with a free hand to edit things as you want.

Remove Blur & Noise

Automatic Restoring of Images

Remember that the Remini has a powerful AI algorithm to save your time and effort in retouching the images. When you import the photo and press enhance button, this app crops images, sets saturation, removes noise, and adjusts blur automatically without human effort. The tool also increases the pixels to make images more attractive and professional.

Automatic Restoring of Images

Adjust or Remove Objects

The developers have launched the latest version of Remini for IOS. They’ve added a special feature to adjust or remove an object from the image. Does it look amazing? In actuality, this app removes the object and reproduces the background by analyzing the different nodes. The observer can’t guess whether the object has been removed from the image.

Adjust or Remove Objects

Fast Editing

The app is developed with a clean code, so it isn’t heavy on your smartphone. It works online and converts the images into high-quality visuals within a few seconds. The working process is super fast compared to similar apps and brings all-in-all user features.

Enhance Selfies and Portraits

It has a special feature to take selfies and to enhance them directly from the app. It allows users to enhance the image quality of a selfie in portrait mode very amazingly. If you’re an online content creator or influencer, portrait enhancing through Remini is very helpful to show off your talent in front of audience.

Premium Version of Remini for iOS

Lastly, Remini offers premium subscriptions for IOS users with comprehensive features. You can buy monthly, yearly, or weekly subscriptions for more options. In premium, it allows the users to use advanced tools to edit and retouch the images and to make them look more professional and engaging.

How To Download and Install Remini For IOS

Congratulations on deciding to get the Remini app on your iPhone. Here’s the simple method with quick steps to get it right now.

  • Step 1: Make sure, you’ve an Apple ID to access the App Store. If you don’t have an Apple ID, sign up to download app.
  • Step 2: Click on the download button to get Remini for IOS.
  • Step 3: Open the File Manager and click to open the Remini IOS file.
  • Step 4: Further, click the Install button and wait for a while.
  • Step 5: Congrats! The app has been installed successfully. Export the image, click enhance, and enjoy high-resolution images for free.

How To Use Remini For IOS?

Are you eager to get it on your iPhone but don’t know how to use it properly? Check out the simple steps to edit a photo or video easily with Remini:

  • Step 1: First, download the Remini IOS from our downloading link and install it by following the explained steps below in this article.
  • Step 2: Launch the app and click Import files.
  • Step 3: After that, choose the desired image you want to enhance with an AI enhancer. Ensure the image is blurred, unfocused, or scratched to verify the results properly.
  • Step 4: It’ll take a bit of loading. Further, click the Enhance button and wait; it’ll do some loading.
  • Step 5: Congrats! You’ll get the high-resolution image after a few seconds. Download or share directly to other social platforms.
  • Step 6: If you bought the Remini Pro for IOS, click the edit button to make personalized changes further.

Advantages of Remini APK For IOS

People like it for the following prominent reasons:

  • You can retouch images without limits.
  • The filters, transitions, and retouching are done according to the uploaded photo.
  • It premium version provides some extra editing tools.
  • Users need to press the enhance button and to see the magic of AI for retouching your images automatically.
  • It converts old and Black & White images into high-resolution images with powerful AI.

Disadvantages of Remini APK For IOS

  • Limited functions in the Free version.
  • It doesn’t work if images are too old and having many scraches.

Premium Subscriptions for Remini IOS

If you want to buy a premium subscription for advanced editing, check out the details below. We always recommend you test the premium version for a week and go further. Don’t directly invest in buying a yearly or monthly plan.

  • Remini for IOS monthly subscription: $4.99
  • Remini for IOS 3 monthly subscription: $9.99
  • Remini for IOS yearly subscription: $29.99

Does Reimini Support IOS 14?

Apple companies strive to update their IOS version regularly; therefore, knowing about the compatibility of app is important. People mostly ask: Why does Remini not support iOS 14? Remember that the updated version of Remini IOS supports all the IOS versions, including iOS 14, whether you use an iPhone or iPad. However, it may stop working sometimes due to certain bugs, but developers are working hard to remove all the bugs.

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Remini is a worldwide famous app and has now launched for the IOS operating system to use on iPhone and iPad. It’s highly compatible with all IOS versions, works best, and gives you high-resolution images within seconds.

Remember that Remini for IOS is an open-source app with limited free user features. If you want to enjoy advanced features, you’ve to buy a premium subscription.

Yes, it’s a safe app for AI image editing and compatible with all IOS versions. Remember to download the app from trusted sources like our website, as we always upload the file after testing.

Final Words

Remini for IOS is the best AI enhancer for iPhone users. It gives you quick editing with additional features compatible with IOS. Don’t worry! It’s also compatible with iPads if you want to edit photos on a big screen. In our opinion, it’s one of the best apps to retouch, restore, and enhance pixelated images with powerful AI features. Don’t think much; get it now and enjoy editing low-quality photos.

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