Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI : Which One is Better?

Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI

Everyone knows that image editors have made our lives easier in time and effort. However, picking up the right software for AI image editing is becoming more challenging because hundreds of apps are published on the Google Play Store every day. Let’s talk about the AI image editing and enhancement. Several apps are available, but Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI are at the top due to their amazing features. Choosing one is undoubtedly challenging, especially for beginners, but we are here to cover you.

Remini, PhotoTune, and MintAI are fabulous image-editing software with all-in-all features. Now, you can make your old videos look stunning, colorize, and manipulate quickly with less effort only due to these apps. Selecting the right app for the task you want to perform is the right decision.

So, read this guide if you are confused and don’t know what to choose among Remini, PhotoTune, and MintAI. Select and be ready to create Free AI Avatars with Remini. Let’s go!

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Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI – Rating based on Users’ Reviews

Google Play Store4.04.64.8
App Store4.64.54.8

Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI – Quick Comparison

If you don’t have enough time to read, analyze, and finalize one of them, here is the quick comparison table. Take a glance, match them with your requirements, and pick up the right one for AI image editing.

User InterfaceEasyProfessionalBasic
Image RestorationAdvanced image restorationBasic Image restorationNo image restoration
Image enhancementAutomatic AI enhancementManual image enhancementBasic image enhancement
Image RetouchingNo retouchingAdvanced image retouching toolsBasic image retouching

Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI – Apps’ Information

DevelopersBending SpoonsVyro AIMingkun Tech
Released onSeptember, 2019March, 2022July, 2021

Note: The app’s information mentioned in the above table is accurate while writing the article.

Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI – Similarities and Dissimilarities

Undoubtedly, all these software apps do fabulous work according to their intrinsic characteristics. Their developers strive hard to bring new and trendy features so that you can enjoy the latest image editing. Still, the app results in different quality editing due to its features due to unique AI and machine learning algorithms. So, read the major differences that will help you choose the right software app for AI image editing.

1.User Interface

User interface (UI) is the first requirement of the image editing app because everyone wants to use an app at their fingertips. Remini offers an easy-to-use interface with AI tools for image restoration, enhancement, and editing. It doesn’t contain several options, but the AI automatically edits the photos and allows you to make further edits in advanced mode. In short, a beginner can use it without issues.

PhotoTune is a professional image-editing app that has a specific and professional interface. It contains more advanced tools for manual editing, with trendy functions.

On the other hand, MintAI is suitable for basic image editing for beginners. It’s a tool suitable for casual editing with everything fundamental for easy image editing.

2.Image Enhancement

For image enhancement, Remini is a fabulous software for automatic image enhancement. In actuality, it uses powerful AI to understand the image and make it perfect, like taken from professional cameras. In short, it offers effortless image enhancement, a better option for beginners who don’t know the terms of photography.

Moreover, PhotoTune again wins the race with its professional and advanced image enhancement feature. Amazingly, you have to do all the enhancement with manual photo editing. Recall that it’s for professionals because a beginner doesn’t know the terms of photography.

Lastly, MintAI again offers basic image enhancement features for casual, social media, and normal editing. It’s for beginners but contains all the basic enhancement features, such as brightness adjustment, noise, saturation, etc.

3.Image Restoration

Restoring old images, giving them life, and making them colorful is everyone’s wish. Remini is one of the best AI restoration apps to convert old images into beautiful ones. It’s a special machine learning and AI algorithm that understands the nodes of old images and reproduces them like they were taken from an expensive camera. In short, Remini was first designed for image restoration.

Similarly, PhotoTune offers image restoration but only up to a basic level. It doesn’t contain color adjustment or tone setting, but it can perform basic restoration of the images.

In contrast, MintAI has no image restoration feature; that’s a downside of this app.

4.Image Retouching

Remini offers a basic image retouching with some brightness or color adjustment. It offers less features than MintAI for image retouching because it’s an image enhancement app. On the other hand, PhotoTune brings advanced image retouching options for casual and professional editors. You can edit and update everything manually to take your photo to another level. Lastly, MintAI brings some tools and features for basic photo retouching. It’s most suitable for beginner and casual editors who don’t have enough knowledge of image editing.


Most apps offer Free and Premium versions with some limited features in Free mode. Remini also offers advanced editing in its Premium version. It’s more affordable than PhotoTune because you can get it for only $4.99 monthly. Similarly, the prices of PhotoTune are almost the same, and you can get it for $5.99. Surprisingly, MintAI is still free to use. So, if you don’t want to spend money, use their free version or enjoy MintAI for basic editing.

6.Customer Support

Customer support is another important thing to consider and plays a crucial role in the fame. Remini and MintAI provide customer support via email or the web to resolve customers’ queries. It takes from a few hours to days to answer your queries. PhotoTune’s customer support is also average. MintAI has dedicated support for their customers because they want feedback from the users and take care of user’s problems. They always resolve issues in minimal time than Remini and PhotoTune.

7.User’s Privacy

Privacy is very important for everyone; therefore, Remini and MintAI are very serious about customers’ concerns. They protect your data before and after editing. They always update their security system to protect users’ accounts and data. PhotoTune has lower-level encryption protocols, which is its downside.

8.Platforms & Their Availability

Amazingly, all the apps are available on IOS and Android platforms. However, they also have web versions available, but they are not very suitable. Remini’s professional web version brings everything to the table for professional editors with its amazing features. In short, all these apps offer multi-device options for their users.


If you want basic editing, you can go with MintAI. For AI enhancement and restoration, Remini offers 5 image editing for free per day. However, MintAI is totally free, but you have to buy a Remini and PhotoTune subscription for advanced editing. Remini and PhotoTune are also affordable due to their lower prices.

All apps work according to their intrinsic algorithms. However, Remini is at the top due to its powerful AI algorithm to enhance the photos. It uplifts the quality of the images taken from high-resolution cameras.

For basic editing, MintAI brings the easiest interface. For AI enhancement and restoration, Remini gives you one-tap editing with its powerful AI.

Among these apps, PhotoTune is a professional image editing app that requires little practice to edit photos. If you are a new user, Remini might be your primary choice because it enhances your photo in one tap. Similarly, you can edit photos easily with MintAI because it’s also easy to use.

Final Words

Remini vs PhotoTune vs MintAI are all amazing apps for image editing with and without AI integration. Remini is one of the best AI enhancers with AI retouching, restoration, and automatic editing features. Similarly, PhotoTune is suitable for professional image editing with manual edits. While MintAI is good for beginners and casual editors who only need basic editing features. We recommend Remini outranks other apps due to its powerful AI integration and machine learning algorithms. So, match your requirements and pick up one of the available apps for image editing.

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