5 Best AI Art Apps 2024 To Generate Attractive Images and Avatars

5 Best AI Art Apps

AI Art apps are quite famous nowadays because of many reasons. Currently, you only need to write a prompt text, and the intelligent AI will generate a similar image to that concept. It’s time-saving, requires less human effort, doesn’t need expensive software, and is useful for everyone. That’s why their usage is increasing regularly in every field, such as engineering, marketing, medical, and so on.

It’s good to see such an advancement in AI art generation apps, but it’s now the whole talk. Primarily, it’s hard to choose which AI art app is best; I think no one can define it because of the individual features of all the apps. Therefore, we have shortlisted the 5 best AI Art Apps to help you pick the most suitable one.

This article will share the top AI art apps, their features, and other necessary details. They will surely help you create beautiful art within seconds. Let’s roll!

What Is AI Art and How Does It Work?

Simply, generating an image or art with the help of artificial intelligence is known as AI Art. AI image generators help create stunning images within seconds with a single prompt on any concept, such as Remini vs Topaz. All the AI tools are trained under certain conditions to understand the prompt or image and generate the most relevant according to your desire.

Are you still curious about how an AI art generator works? Their database is filled with millions and billions of previously generated art images. They took inspiration from them and generated new and stylish artwork according to the user’s target. These tools are extremely worthwhile to generate random images.

Lastly, the AI art generators bring a lot of style features and support the latest requirements, including Cartoon, 3D arts, illustration, oil painting, cyberpunk, cartoon, realistic, etc. So, AI is the best way to go ahead and revolutionize your work with artificial intelligence.

Best AI Art Apps 2024

Don’t wander here and there because you will be confused. For better understanding and quick working, we have tested more than 50 AI art apps and shorted 5 Top AI Art applications for smartphones. Curious to know more about them? Let’s read on!


It’s among the best and most reliable AI apps for optimized, conceptual, and professional AI art generation. It’s a useful app for everyone, works perfectly with almost all smartphone versions, and is able to generate thousands of AI pictures. There are no more limits; just enter the prompt according to your desired concept and get precise images generated by the intelligent AI. The AI algorithm gets the input from the text, analyzes it properly, and creates a stunning image, getting inspiration from its database.


Moreover, it further allows the users to choose the style to transform the image accordingly. Give the style in the prompt, as the AI understands everything you enter. Amazingly, Starryai offers a dedicated community to collaborate with others in AI art creation. Thanks to the community because hundreds of thousands of artists share their work in the community. Learning the new style and prompt and applying it while using Starryai is helpful.

Key Features

  • It offers Free and Premium versions.
  •  You can customize the size of generated images.
  • It allows you to create 5 images for free per day without a watermark in the free version.
  • It allows the creation of a complete batch of AI images.
  • Several built-in models and styles for images.
  • The integrated AI has more algorithms to give the desired results.
  • For premium users, the tool allows more image configurations.
  •  Organize and maintain your work in the built-in collections.
  • ¬†Allows downloading images in bulk.


As the name suggests, it does wonders by generating eye-catching images according to the desired concept. It’s a useful app to turn your entered text into a beautiful image within seconds. It’s powered by the most powerful AI algorithm to do wonders by taking whimsical text from the user. It’s able to create AI images in different styles with digital backgrounds to the synthetic wave landscapes.

Most importantly, you can enter anything you want to create an image according to the entered text. Yes, you can enter a poem, movie name, lyrics, TV show dialogue, and almost anything. The tool will generate an image based on the text’s concept. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed, it’s great.

Amazingly, the latest version has a feature to create beautiful AI Avatars for your profiles. The launched app name is Voi-Avatar by Wonder to create a beautiful video-game-like Avatar. So, don’t forget to give it a try and enjoy the wonders of the Wonder AI app.

Key Features

  • The users get a specific AI image generation credit for Free.
  • Good for generating arts and learning purposes.
  • Several AI art styles.
  • The AI painting effect is the most prominent feature of the Wonder app.
  • For kids, the app allows them to bring code and generate art.
  • Suitable for artists and individuals for personal projects.
  • Direct sharing of the generated images with family and friends.
  • Set the created images to your lock screen or wallpaper with a click.


It’s a simple and easy-to-use AI art tool for Android and IOS platforms. Suitable for beginners and newbies who want to generate images for casual work. It doesn’t require special skills, but users can still create beautiful images within seconds. It should only be in your mind what you want to create. Further, enter it into the available space as an input and click Generate. The intelligent AI algorithm will understand your requirements and give you an attractive image based on your concept. Moreover, you can discover and take inspiration from thousands of available styles. No more issues; just enter the prompt and get your desired art.


Key Features

  • Hundreds of effects, styles, and image inspirations, including AI marga, animes, and photorealism.
  • Free and premium versions.
  • A comprehensive photo library to create alternative images.
  • Mind-blowing photorealism.
  • It allows users to paint anything with a powerful AI algorithm.

4.WOMBO Dream – AI Art Tool

Turn your mind-blowing ideas into beautiful art with WOMBO AI tools. It’s integrated with highly trained AI algorithms to understand and convert text into images. It doesn’t work on a single AI, but different AI algorithms combine to understand and produce work accordingly. Whether you want to create a cultural or simple image, the tool helps you like an AI companion.

Remember that it’s different from ordinary art designing tools. Its special AI drawing tool immediately understands and generates images. You only need to import an image as a reference design. It’s an awesome point and only found in the WOMBO AI tool.

The tool combines the most complex algorithm, extended with the simple method for massive AI art creation.

Key Features

  • Thousands of built-in AI styles.
  • Numerous selections for output.
  • Free background generation for images.
  • A dedicated AI image community for learning and sharing the artwork.
  • Take a selfie and convert it into an AI image directly from the app.
  • Synchronize a song with the movement of the face in the video.

5.Stable Diffusion AI

Create AI images with viral-worthy software apps for Android and IOS. It’s suitable for generating conceptual images to share on Social media platforms like Instagram, etc. It can convert your images into AI-generated videos with beautiful styles and effects for a jaw-dropping masterpiece. It allows users to make images from ordinary to extraordinary within one tap.

Stable Diffusion AI

Its powerful AI algorithm creates images that go viral immediately on social media due to stunning effects and exceptional concepts. The fast processing speed takes only a few moments for the users to provide a guaranteed AI image.

Furthermore, the app has a user-friendly interface so that everyone can use it without hassle. Match the generated image with your style and concept with advanced editing options. In short, it’s useful for AI art images and videos for everyone.

Key Features

  • Lightening-fast processing.
  • Simple and effortless video editing from AI-generated images.
  • High privacy and security.
  • Free and premium versions.
  • Share images on other platforms and connect with other artists.
  • Simple functions.
  •  Advanced customization.

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Several great apps for the AI art generation include Starryai, Wonder AI, WOMBO Dream AI Art tool, etc. They offer unique features to the users, as mentioned in this guide.

Several apps offer free trials or free credits per day to create AI art images, such as Wonder AI, WOMBO, etc. However, Craiyon is a free app to generate AI images, art, and visuals.

Open the Wonder AI app and go to the home screen. Enter the prompt with your required style and click generate. The AI algorithm will take a bit of loading and give you beautiful AI art within seconds.

Final Words

In conclusion, we have shared the details of 5 best AI art apps for Android and IOS. It’s really easy to work with these latest AI art tools, and highly rated on different platforms. Each mentioned app brings unique features; therefore, you can choose any of them according to your needs and requirements. Watching a tutorial about the selected app is recommended to use it efficiently to get optimized results. So, create AI images and Avatars, and enjoy intelligent AI algorithms.

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