Top AI Photo Apps with Renowned Features and Effects in 2024

Ai Photot Apps

AI photo apps are taking over the world due to their several features. Undoubtedly, they have revolutionized the world from all-in-all benefits, ease of use, and, most importantly, intelligent AI integration. Nowadays, they are used to create stunning visuals for social media marketing, product promotions, and numerous applications. Some apps create and edit the AI photos automatically, but others offer manual editing. In short, these apps are quite interesting and make lives easier.

Recently, developers have launched hundreds of AI photos like Remini, ToonMe, etc. It’s really challenging to pick up the right AI photo app to use according to your requirements. Therefore, we have shortlisted a few AI photo apps for you, narrowing down your research and saving your precious time. So, let’s get deeper into the details.


Do you like animations? Download the PhotoDirector app to make a wide range of AI photos with different features. The AI is powered with different effects and filters. Create, edit, crop, remove unwanted objects, change background, update background magically, and perform a lot of tasks in a few taps. Photo editing is not a big deal with AI integration. Make your bold pictures look great and beautiful.


According to the people’s reviews, PhotoDirector is a fantastic app to make all the fundamental edits with the help of artificial intelligence. If we talk about the interface, it’s super easy to use whether you want color adjustments, cropping, etc. Bring your photos into life into natural-looking photos and share them on social media easily. Similarly, thousands of tools will make editing easier and simpler.


  • Create beautiful animations with hundreds of animated elements, including seasonal specials, animals, moods, flowers, etc.
  • Give a stunning look as animated overlays such as mood, motion, still images, etc.
  • Give images a dramatic look.
  • Powerful AI integration to place effects, object removal, mix, match, and more.

2.Lensa: Photo Editor & AI Art

Lensa is another amazing tool for editing selfies in portrait mode. It comes with hundreds of stunning filters and effects and allows users to apply several techniques. Get a sweet selfie, give an AI touch to your images, remove the background, do necessary editing for social media, and enjoy. Performing all the tasks is simple because of the easy user interface. The powerful AI algorithm performs all the tasks within seconds. In short, you don’t need to use expensive and complex software for advanced editing, such as Lightroom, etc., because everything is integrated into the Lensa app.

Lensa Photo Editor & AI Art


  • Numerous art tools, color intensity, and vintage effects.
  • A dedicated selfie editor and direct taking selfies from the app.
  • Fading effect to eliminate unwanted details.

3.YouCam Enhance

In actuality, it’s an online photo editor, image enhancer, AI colorizer, and background remover, and it allows several image editing tasks. Increasing the pixels and image resolution for more clarity with the YouCam Enhance AI photo editor is easy. Say goodbye to the blurry images and alive them like high-resolution art. There is no problem with the image size because you can now upscale the images up to 2x within one tap. No worries about the image quality because it doesn’t affect the original quality.

YouCam Enhance

Moreover, the AI integration allows the users to identify the subjects in the image and infuse them in different colors. AI object remover eliminates the unwanted object from the photo with a click. In short, it’s an all-in-all editor that brings life to the old images and makes them high-quality.


  • Latest photo enhancement features for clarity.
  • Automatic AI object remover.
  • Change, remove, or blur the background.


Remini – AI Enhancer is one of the best and most powerful photo editing apps. Primarily, the app is used to make old and outdated images into beautiful high-resolution photos. Remini AI will do it in one tap if you want to colorize the old photos. It’s powered by the latest AI algorithm to understand the real nodes of the old images and reproduce them in high quality, like from expensive cameras. Available in Free and Paid versions if you want basic to advanced editing. The premium version further allows cropping, brightness management, color adjustments, saturation, and other image settings. It’s people’s favorite app because of its simple interface but powerful editing features.



  • Convert the scratches, old, and blurred images into High-resolution.
  • Advanced image editing.
  • Apply AI filters and effects in one tap.

5.AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor

It’s a powerful photo editor with an amazing collage maker. It’s like the Remini app, but the AI algorithm is less intelligent than the Remini. It’s an online photo editor that allows everyone to experience extraordinary photo editing. Fotor’s free image editor offers image enhancement, editing, cropping, and performing several tasks at your fingertips. Its popular features praised by the users are design creation, making a collage, photo enhancement, background removal, photo-to-art, and text-to-image. So, enjoy photo editing and enhancement with powerful AI integration.

A Collage-FotorI Photo Editor,


  • A perfect photo collage maker with hundreds of templates.
  • Enhance color, adjust sharpness, and make high-definition images quickly.
  • Remove haze and highlight the focus of any image.

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Google Play Store and App Store are full of AI photo apps, but Remini and Fotor are at the top in terms of easy editing and reliable features for the users. Similarly, Lensa and AI Photo Enhance are also good for general-purpose photo editing.

The Remini app makes the photos high-quality and colorizes them on social media. Similarly, Fotor, Lensa, and AI Photo Enhance are also used to edit certain photos according to the users’ requirements.

Yes, Remini, Fotor, and Lensa are free apps for basic AI photo editing like colorizing, enhancement, beautifying, etc. However, for advanced editing, you have to buy their Pro versions.


In conclusion, the need for AI photo apps is increasing regularly because visuals are important in every field in this digital era. The mentioned AI photo apps are reliable, easy to use, and positively rated by users online. We also have tested them to perform several tasks and found them perfect to use anywhere, anytime. So, list your requirements, match them with the available editors, and pick up the right one for yourself. Enjoy photo editing with the most powerful AI algorithms.

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